Jiang Su Armored Optical Technology Co., Ltd
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Jiangsu Amde Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. plans to invest a total of 200 million yuan to build an excellent leader in special optical cables and connectors in China; the company develops, produces and sells optical communications: special optical cables, armored optical cables and supporting accessories. The main products are: various types of optical fibers, optical cables, 5G base station remote optical cables, field optical cables, metal protection tubes, connectors, optical fiber sensing products and equipment. The company's products have been successfully applied to the optical cable and connector components of the LSSON 12th Five-Year Key Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and have been successfully applied in subways and nearly 100 pipe gallery projects in nearly 40 cities in China! The products produced by the company have been widely used in telecommunications, mobile equipment room construction, integrated wiring of buildings, radio and television networks, national defense communications and other fields, and some products have been introduced into various large-scale civil engineering through the vast number of sensor equipment manufacturers. On-line monitoring of temperature and strain sensing in bridge construction, pipe gallery, power system and subway tunnel; the company continues to integrate synergy in "special optical cable - armored optical cable - optical fiber connector" with years of business accumulation in the field of armored optical cables Advantages, improve the overall competitiveness of products such as optical cables and connectors by continuously improving the performance indicators of each product link. The company's comprehensive strength in the optical communication industry has steadily improved.