Jiang Su Armored Optical Technology Co., Ltd

Amder case - temperature monitoring of power grid power equipment cables

2022-03-28 09:27

Used to test various faults of copper-aluminum core power cables, coaxial communication cables and local telephone cables of various voltage levels such as 220V-380kV, cable full length, open circuit, short circuit, disconnection, low resistance fault, high resistance fault, high resistance fault Leakage, high and low impedance grounding, ground fault, armored ground fault, flashover discharge fault, poor ground contact and cable path identification, etc.

     Due to its excellent mechanical properties and stable optical properties, the special temperature-measuring optical cables produced by our company are especially suitable for the temperature monitoring of high-voltage cables and the safety monitoring of power plants.

Related product applications: non-metallic sensing cable, double braided double jacket sensing cable, etc.

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